Jocuri Medicale
Jocuri Medicale
Jocuri Medicale la Jocuri100
jocuri-Jocuri cu operatii medicale implantul de stent Jocuri cu operatii medicale implantul de stent
Jocuri cu operatii medicale implantul de stent, un joc pentru cei ce sunt pasionati de jocurile cu doctori in care vei putea afla proceduri chirurgicale de implant de stent.
jocuri-Chirurgie cardiaca Chirurgie cardiaca
Chirurgie cardiaca este un joc foarte frumos de invatamant de la locul de spital in care sa putem operam inima unui baietel chiar acum. Nu este o operatiune usoara.
jocuri-Appendix Surgery Appendix Surgery
You have to continue an informative appendix surgery. In this amusement you are a Doctor and you have to work your patient. U must be brisk, accuracy and clean.
jocuri-Dental Implant Dental Implant
This is a surgery diversion, where you have to execute an insert in the teeth of your patient. You are currently beat dental specialist and you must be carful to not hurt your patient. Be the best in your prediction.
jocuri-Stomach Surgery Stomach Surgery
Stomach Surgery Game will recreate how stomach surgery is performed. Perceive how hard it is constantly a specialist in this restorative diversion!
jocuri-Nose Surgery Nose Surgery
Nose Surgery Game will put you in the part of accomplished plastic specialist, who is going to preform a nose operation on a patient!
jocuri-Knee Surgery Knee Surgery
Knee Surgery Game is a decent therapeutic amusement where you are a right hand on an operation strategy of knee. You must take after the direction of specialist who is letting you know what to do.
jocuri-Epilepsy Surgery Epilepsy Surgery
Epilepsy is one of the most noticeably bad illness and you must figure out how to treat her. You are on the epilepsy surgery and you must find the best approach to cure the patient.
jocuri-Leg Surgery Leg Surgery
Leg Surgery in this amusement you aid on leg operation. Leg surgery is entangle and you must be carful when you work. Realize this system how to work a leg. Help your patient whit this surgery, so he can walk once more.
jocuri-Ingrown toenail surgery Ingrown toenail surgery
Figure out how to Treat an Ingrown Toe Nail by playing this new surgery amusement.
jocuri-Skin Surgery Skin Surgery
Skin Surgery is a standout amongst the most trouble surgery method. Where you must cut on the one side and sew on the other spot.
jocuri-Ear Surgery Ear Surgery
Ear Surgery is great amusement where you can figure out how to turn into an extraordinary specialist. In this amusement you can support in ear surgery.
jocuri-Scoliosis Surgery Scoliosis Surgery
In this particular online game of surgical operation we have to handle the scoliosis on your spine center.
jocuri-Tonsil Surgery Tonsil Surgery
Tonsil Surgery procedure is a very nice surgical treatment game where we have to carry out a Tonsil procedure on an individual in suffer.
jocuri-Pacemaker Surgery Pacemaker Surgery
Pacemaker Surgery is a surgical online game in which we need to place pacemaker on the affected personís hearth.

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